Valuing Others


We often sang this hymn in school.

God who made the earth, the air, the sky, the sea

Who gave all life its birth

Careth for me

“The earth” we sang sweetly about was our world, our corner, our life. 

African-womenAlbania-mum-and-sonHowever as adults we have learned that that same earth is a great and diverse place, with as much variety and curious images, traditions and things to marvel at that are mostly beyond our imagination.  The more we see the more we can value and respect the diverse nature of the earth and the people who live on it.  

At PovertySwap we adopt an holistic approach to poverty of the most desperate kind.  We are concerned for people in their most basic needs regarding

  • Food
  • Shelter 
  • Human interaction/relationships
  • Community
  • Potential
  • Self Worth
  • Spirituality

Many of our Partners, Friends and Support Networks are Christians and much of our focus and work arises from our study of the bible and Christian teaching. 

As a consequence, working together with communities across the world, we are committed to respecting diversity of religion, equality of opportunity and a person’s human rights.  In practical terms this means that we are committed to a policy of non-discrimination regarding religion, gender, race, age or family choices. 

We have seen that when another person, group or community gets involved to share a vision of hope with those who experience deep poverty they can partner together with them to begin to make an exchange.  The beginnings of a transformation process.  We call this the “PovertySwap”.

The PovertySwap is a global humanitarian exchange tool for individuals and communities to achieve sustainable solutions and lift or share the heavy burdens created by desperation and poverty.