India is a nation that can overwhelm, exhilarate, exasperate and enthrall—all on the same day!  More than a billion people share the same relatively small space on the planet.  The rural nature, traditions and superstitions often determine that more than 800 million of those people live in terrible poverty with little or no access to health care, nutrition or education.  India has a growing economy and it is also part of Indian culture to treat people well, but the lack felt in poverty ridden homes is acute. 

We love India and have visited a few times.  We feel however that we were very privileged to be able to spend 6 months there in 2005-2006 meeting the people whose country it is and letting them show us their lives, their country, their work…and above all their big big hearts!  Amongst that ever increasing 1.2 billion population – yes, that is a LOT of people living shoulder to shoulder –  there are ‘ordinary’ Indian people doing the most out of the ordinary things!

In India PovertySwap has opportunity to work with some of these extraordinary people and partner with them to develop their dreams and visions amongst some of world’s poorest and mostly forgotten people.

There are opportunities to partner with those who are offering:

  • Schools and equality of opportunity in education for children in some of the world’s darkest city slums as well as those in some of the world’s most beautiful, but extremely remote,  rural communities.

  • Health and social care for vulnerable women and children including widows who have no other means of support or livelihood 

  • Clinics, education and rehabilitation for sex workers who often fall victim to abusive and violent relationships. 

  • Rescue and recovery for the small children of Calcutta’s enormous sex industry where children are kept in cages “for safekeeping” while their parent carries on business in the same room

The PovertySwap of Joy for Mourning is a simple exchange in India where basic need is so great.  Together with our Partners you really have opportunity to make such a practical, and enormous difference with only a little! 

Get together with us and Find Out More…..Together Is Better!