At the school gate lifelong  opportunities begin.

For any family the start of a school term is a costly business.  Poverty however dictates that your child doesn’t go to school.  Regular donations to PovertySwap have changed that for hundreds of children.   From The Fikir Nursery and School in rural Ethiopia to difficult to reach places in the Himalaya Mountain range children living in poverty are becoming the first of their families ever to attend school, and they are excelling.  Across the world, where state education often exists, school uniforms, books and pencils, transport and fees are beyond the reach of widows, abandoned mothers or low income, daily contract workers.  Helping to provide these, children have a door opened to them behind which is a world of learning and opportunity.  Their future is as yet unwritten but accessing education there is hope.

The Fikir Nursery and School, Ethiopia

In 2012 the school, Fikir Nursery and School (Fikir meaning Love in Amharic language) was a derelict mud built building on a plot of overgrown land. Supporting our partners to create a nursery and pre-school that would give local children living in poverty an opportunity to access the school system has been a major project for PovertySwap during some years. The continuous development of classrooms and land at Fikir saw 115 registered there to learn in the 2018-2019 session, with development of the primary school well underway.

Community leaders are agreed this is nothing short of a miracle. “Once this land was a fearful place and now it is a great place of joy and learning for our children”. That’s the true meaning of PovertySwap!

Supporting Students

Providing access to school has very much been part of our role in PovertySwap. However we realised as children came to need High School, College or University education their poverty often restricted their capacity to take up those opportunities.

We therefore encourage our friends and supporters to support a young person through further education. This can be a commitment for several years but can be a very small investment that will transform both the young person’s opportunities as well as their future.


We have known our partners in western Romania since the early 1990s and since that time have seen them do a work of great compassion amongst the large Roma population close to their community.

Often living in very difficult circumstances and in quite large families the Roma children enjoy the love, stories, crafts, camps, school and after school activities that are on offer. This is a long term work. One that touches body, soul and spirit to hidden depths.

Through supporting an active Family Outreach worker, provided by regular donors to PovertySwap, small children grow to teens within reach of those who show love, care, listening compassion, wisdom, advice and counsel as well as very practical and fun activities.

Sometimes it is the one who comes back that defines those years of faithful investment into their lives. One girl said “Because of you I have always known love. Sometimes my life was very difficult but you have always been there. I love you”.

That kind of love and commitment is priceless but to continue reaching so many more with such love ever increasing expense in Romania makes it costly. PovertySwap friends make it happen.