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We are the link in a series of connections bringing transformation to people at risk.

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From the real stories of children whose lives can be saved for as little as £5 to core-funding of projects such as The Fikir Nursery and School in Ethiopia, 100% of every donation you make is sent to our partners for the benefit of those in their community – those who need it.


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Legacy and Inheritance

No matter the size of the sum PovertySwap’s funds go further amongst the world’s most needy people. Would you look to the future and consider investing in theirs?
Speak to us for more details.

Fundraise Online

If you’re looking to fundraise online for us please get in touch to find out who we are currently working with.

Fundraising Ideas

An A to Z of fundraising ideas for PovertySwap might start with those items in your cupboard that could be sold at Auction and might end with something like your friends organising a Zumba Marathon. Then there’s every creative idea in between.

What is your great fundraising idea that will transform the lives of so many desperate people? We are happy to support you in any way we can. Talk to us.

For Schools

The PovertySwap Story is one that fits appropriately into the school curriculum. We have interesting presentations available for school assemblies. These are generally delivered by Helen Faulds, PovertySwap founder, whose work has been appreciated by staff and pupils alike.

The presentation gets pupils to make an exploration, considering the lives of people in the countries we work within. This can be specific to a project, like The Fikir Nursery and School in Ethiopia or focus on the culture, religions, landscapes and way of life of people in a country like Nepal.

The presentations are very positive messages of hope and they make clear that everyone can play their part in the world’s difficult situations.

PovertySwap does not put any pressure on schools to raise funds for any of the work we do but is very happy to support any ideas schools may have to connect with some of the poorest people in the world.

To make an enquiry contact Helen Faulds at

Youth Groups

We are happy to prepare an interactive workshop for your youth group that will encourage young people to explore their role in a world that has overwhelming information. Young people are exploring their sense of who they are in a bigger world and at PovertySwap we are able to support young people who are feeling the call to play their part for the world’s poorest people. This may be on a trip, a fundraising idea, using skills or just getting a bit of perspective. Our workshop encourages further discussion and offers practical support for those who want to take their ideas further.

Presentation for Groups

If you are looking for a speaker for your group we are able to provide a positive and informative presentation that will give you an up to date picture of the work we are doing amongst the world’s poorest people. Our presentation is always full of hope as we explore how everyone is able to do something. The members of your group will go home feeling uplifted. Contact Helen Faulds to book your date.


Do you have a skill or interest we could use in PovertySwap? This website exists because someone was willing to let us have their skill and time to develop it. Can you help us by using something you like to do?

Visit our Partners

Consider visiting one of our partners. Join a team trip. Ask about further details.


One of our most powerful and effective partnerships for transforming lives is in co-operation with Dorcas, Ethiopia and the local authority to provide seed funding, training and support for women at risk, including those with HIV/Aids, to start a small business. Women are encouraged to think how they can support their own family into the future. Several hundred families have found new lives through this unprecedented opportunity. Just £35 creates a different future for a woman and her family. £500 empowers a group of working women to transform their community.