Our Aim

Focusing on Homes, Health and Education and working closely with local people across the world, we empower those living in poverty, vulnerable and at risk, to pursue practical opportunities that transform their lives.

Personal Message from Helen Faulds

Founder of PovertySwap

In a world of overwhelming need we tend to respond to charity appeals in a number of ways. Sometimes we switch off. Often we put something in the pot to help. From time to time something catches our attention that helps us to give something more. So we appreciate your choice to take the time to visit our website. We hope you will find answers to your questions and that we can help you to transform lives amongst some of the world’s poorest people.

The faces and stories you see here are very personal. It has taken several years of patient, loving, relationship-building to get alongside some of the world’s most desperate people and find out what would really help to see their lives transformed.

Helping people who are subject to the unjust and unrelenting demands of a life of poverty is actually not difficult. Everyone can do something. Poverty chains people to lack. Lack of food, work, rest, medicine, friends, support. It is a cruel master who demands children remain uneducated, survival remain a daily crisis, hopelessness take the form of an impossible future.

Poverty gives no thought to a child breathing its last breath before she has begun her life.  It is heartless when the pain of hunger, dehydration, cold, disease and fear herd its victims into inhuman conditions, causing some to run in terror, face slavery and degradation in their attempt to escape its grasp.

Poverty is an enemy of the soul, the body, the human spirit. It is therefore our sole aim to support people as they explore opportunities that lead to their freedom. We want to be clear evidence of the love of God for every human being, showing care, compassion and practical life-transforming support for the most vulnerable.

“The success of PovertySwap has grown in the trustworthy hands of our local partners. We develop personal relationship with them over many years. They are the people who have great ideas and who know what will work in their community. Bold and brave they are forging transformation amongst some of the world’s most desperate people.”

— Ian Faulds, Founding Trustee

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