A place to call home and a people to call family are often luxuries the world’s suffering people are without.

Babies abandoned on the day of birth,  little girls rejected by community norms,  a mother and children left alone when diagnosed with HIV,  a sibling group of girls orphaned when their parent died without notice,  families traumatized by war,  brave and broken men seeking refuge for their children in an unknown and unwelcome land, earthquakes, drought, famine.  PovertySwap friends and supporters help to re-establish safe living for those who are vulnerable and desperate.

Homes for Children in Ethiopia

The stories of children abandoned and in need in both city and rural areas of Ethiopia can be very distressing. We are delighted to be linked with an innovative young organisation who has already established three homes for children in the city of Awassa.

For children who cannot live at home, perhaps due to cultural superstitions; orphans; abandoned babies; children with disability and special needs; children and young people with HIV/Aids; life is beyond impossible. Many die alone without help.

Our partner group receive as many children as they can into compassionate homes hoping to offer family care. They offer sponsorship of individual children so that they may live happy, healthy lives, be well educated and grow strong. They are also innovative in arranging and preparing adoptions within Ethiopia. A number of children have found new families.

We often speak with adults who have grown up in Christian children’s homes in Ethiopia. When we express sorrow that they had to do that they tell us “No it was good. There we received good food, clothes, education, even gifts at Christmas and birthdays.” Usually they are hard-working and active in their community. For so many more children who can have such opportunities in life we would like to expand our capacity to help.


Amongst the highest mountains in the world are found some of the world’s poorest people. Many die from cold during the harsh winters. School and education opportunities are non-existent or in cities far away from all that’s familiar. Children become targets of traffickers, as their extreme poverty causes loving, caring and desperate parents to be convinced that their children will be safe elsewhere.

We have a number of compassionate people in Nepal who become our eyes and ears amongst those in great distress. They are the ones who can find those who need the warm winter blankets and clothing, emergency housing in flood and earthquake, food when there is none, schooling and safe families to live with, medical care and innovative ideas for community hope.

Working together, with our friends, donors, fundraisers and these frontline partners, develops our capacity to support, strengthen and create opportunities for some of the most desperate people living in the world’s toughest places.


Whether our news media finds the travelling, homeless, refugee population currently on the move through Europe an active story or not PovertySwap links to those who are nightly rescuing children and families from overcrowded and dangerous boats. They are helping provide places of safety for the journey, offering caring and compassionate help for children and women especially, who feel the loss of home and family acutely.

Image: Lighthouse Relief, Edward Grattan