Nepal Earthquake Emergency Fund

Nepal Boy Working

We have been shocked and saddened to hear details of the massive earthquake that is causing death, suffering, loss and destruction in both the city and remote areas of Nepal.  We ask you to pray for our co-workers there, our friends, their families and friends as well as those whose lives have been torn away from them.

Most of life in Nepal is dependant on the fragile relationship between mountain and people. Homes perch on precarious ridges and life is sustained by the crops grown on the mountainside terraces. Daily food, water and even existence are subject to the moods of the climate.
When nature throws a roar like this people are small and vulnerable in its wake. Bereaved, homeless, shocked, without hope. 
Since we have co-workers and friends that we can trust strategically located within Nepal we at PovertySwap are compassionately intent on offering the help we can.  We know that PovertySwap friends will agree and we pray you will give all the help you can.
Donations have already been received for children at risk and if you want to add to this emergency fund, knowing that 100% of your donation reaches those who most need it, we are happy to receive your emergency donation so that we may be ready to hand it on as soon as it is possible to get it out there.  
Donate online at this website or by cheque/cash to our contact address or by direct bank transfer to the povertyswap account, reference Nepal, sort code 77-56-09 Account No: 15706768  Thank you so much.  
Helen and Ian Faulds, Founding Directors, PovertySwap.  
Registered Charity Number 1152167