Reflections and Looking Ahead

I love the turn of summer into autumn.  It feels like the start of a new year and for PovertySwap it is exactly that.   We began the charitable company September 2010 – so it’s our First Birthday!  Of course at New Year we look back then look forward.  As we look back now we have so much to be amazed at.  There are the people we have connected with in Albania, Ethiopia and India.  There are other people, living in some of the world’s poorest communities, whose lives would have been very different if we hadn’t been around to tell their story.  As we did, the response of our friends, family and those we have met along the way has been totally practical.  They have reached out with what they could and donated more than £3000.  We have sent all of it directly to our hard-working partners and they have been making it work effectively for  Mums and Babies with AIDS/HIV in Africa, Vulnerable Women and Girls at risk of Sex Trafficking in Europe,  Romany children and hard pressed families in Albania, Development of a Community Clinic in India and Emergency relief for victims of the East Africa Famine.   In the midst of tough economic times more and more people are signing up to give to PovertySwap monthly and with Gift Aid declarations giving is increased powerfully. 

As we also look to the future our minds are turned to the skills, knowledge and well of non-financial resources that we all sit on too.  We are seeing Teams of people going on short term trips to work with our Partners.  They will be inspired as we have been and see for themselves what can be achieved with such a little – having their lives changed to bring about change for others.  We are seeing networks growing and how people are being linked to one another and other organisations who can get them involved in some amazing successful work.  We are seeing that PovertySwap, from such a tiny seed of thought to do something useful, is around for such a time as this, when things are really tough.  Two of our Partners have been reliant on prosperous western nations to fund their work but the wells have run dry and the choice is to stop what they are doing, or take faith by both hands and walk on.  They have both made the choice to walk on.  And we can walk with them.  It is a time for us to be sacrificial for what we believe in, governments are not there to take care of us any longer it appears.  In the bible Nehemiah, Joshua, Esther and some notable others were called upon to find a solution for what was completely impossible….we at PovertySwap are those who are hoping in the same God for those impossible solutions.  We want to stand together, shoulder to shoulder to get the job done.  The smallest Mustard Seed becomes a great tree!  Believe with us.  Get Involved.  Make It Happen!  What Can You Do?