You Sent A Lot Of Love!


During the snowy days of December in the picturesque Romanian mountains there was a surprise Winter Camp Day for the Roma Gypsy Children.  Transport, Gifts and Food from the PovertySwap friends who answered our call  to “Send Some Love” made it happen.  PovertySwap Partners ministered to the children with warmth and compassion creating lifelong memories for all.



At Christmastime and all through the year its good to know that there are people who care. 

This big sister carried her little brother to the children’s meeting through the bitter Romanian mountain snows.  Tiredness overtook the little boy but big sister was able to take part in the special meeting, sharing the fun, games and teaching.   Gifts had also been sent by caring church congregations.

Winter is harsh for the Gypsy children and at PovertySwap we noted that the children are wearing similar clothing to those they wore to the camp day in September when temperatures were warm and pleasant.  Inadequate footwear and no warm coats, hats, gloves or scarves tell tales of deeper needs. In many of the photographs children look tired, pale, listless and in some cases sick.  We wonder if their diets are inadequate too.  

Our on site Family Worker’s salary is now supported by the Friends of PovertySwap who responded to our Romania 2012 campaign.  We are therefore able to keep a continual eye on needs, assess what would really help to make a difference and endeavour to bring valuable life transforming help if needed.    To secure this vital project work only 3 more people are needed to donate just £10 per month.  Contact Us today if you would love to be one of them. 


There were smiles all round, from Partners, Co-workers, Visitors, Children and Parents when children were supplied with clothing and gifts during the children’s meetings held at the Pentecostal Gypsy Church in the village.  Around 60 to 100 children attend regularly  at this children’s work led by the PovertySwap Partners.  In the run up to the Christmas period around 200 children find their way to the church.  All are expectant and none are disappointed.  The Christmas message of God’s love for every single person is shared in story, activity, song and practical care.


Christmas is an exciting time but PovertySwap and our Partners don’t disappear with the decorations.  Ours is a year round, 365 day per year commitment.  

Already in the first days of January the Partners have been ministering  to the children of the Gypsy village at the local Gypsy church, pictured here as the snows gave way temporarily to a spring-like day. 

Co-workers are sparse on the ground for this work and so it is with great delight we see that a few friends have come  to help out, bringing their love, skills and resources to enrich the work. At PovertySwap we encourage each person to use their skills, gifts, knowledge, time and resources to bring transformational change in people’s lives.  If you, or someone you know, is inspired by this work and would like to play your part in  the transformation of generations to come you should get in touch with us as soon as possible.  Consider taking part in a team trip, fundraising event or regular donation.  You really can “Make It Happen”.  Together we can change a lot.