Send Some Love at Christmas


In just a few weeks it will be Christmas. Together with our Partners in Albania, Romania and Ethiopia we are planning to reach so many vulnerable and needy children over the festive period.  We want to send the love of PovertySwap friends to children who live their lives in deplorable conditions. Our Christmas Appeal “Send Some Love” is an ideal way to do this.

We want to “Send Some Love” to little girls like Kristina who lives with her mum, dad and brother in a house in rural Albania that looks a bit like a disused cow shed. The family share it with the cattle they depend on for livelihood and all the family sleeps in a small room that is smoky and foul smelling. The children were forced to leave school this year because they have no money. Life for them is bound deeply into poverty with hopeless limitations and no opportunities.

The poverty of such children is appalling, but their vulnerability also makes them easy prey for traffickers and the criminal element so active within the country.

Our trusted Partners work with these children and their families. They know their history and immediate needs and all are in a position to act quickly, compassionately and with love. We are planning for them to deliver practical help and gifts to children living in utter depravity. They tell us that while Kristina’s home is deplorable other families are living on waste ground in temporary shelters, not unlike cats on a rubbish tip. We would so very much like to help.

Our Partners in Romania have up to 150 children who attend their Christmas camps. We met many of them in September. Large families in Dickensian conditions. We know that arrangements are already underway, through churches in Hungary and Slovakia, to “Send Some Love” by way of a special gift for each child.  PovertySwap donations will provide children with gifts, food, warm clothing and a sense of hope in the depth of the dangerous winter. Last year temperatures dropped in Romania to minus 20. Many died. This year we can help.

Our Partners in Ethiopia will celebrate Christmas with mums and babies who have HIV/Aids.   Richard Stearns of World Vision, in his excellent book The Hole In Our Gospel – everyone should get one in their Christmas Stocking – describes AIDS as a Sociological Tsunami. It is ruthless as it takes mothers, fathers, teachers and community leaders in its wake. There is so much stigma and a lack of prevention education.

I will be travelling to Ethiopia this week when I will be able to meet mums like Margaret and her tiny baby who lost their family breadwinner to the disease. They were then forced to leave their village, desperately sick and without provision, at the mercy of a hostile world. Our Partners rescued the little family from the city streets where they arrived after many weeks walking. They receive very practical help, food, shelter, medicine, advice and training. Peer support groups and trained volunteers help them towards independent family living. With this too we can help.

Send_a_hugWe can show that Christmas means much more than tinsel and turkey, presents and parties. We can share real love this Christmas by sending our donations.   The PovertySwap promise guarantees that 100% of money donated is used for the benefit of these vulnerable, at risk children.

Our involvement with their fragile lives says to them “We have not forgotten you. We love you. We are sending you our love” For a child in the grip of a harsh winter, at the mercy of a killer disease or in a home scarcely fit for animals that can mean the whole world.


Could we ask you to Send Some Love this Christmas? Thank you so much.

Ways to Donate: Online, Bank transfer, monthly Standing Order, Cheque , or Cash