Turning Tears to Smiles Across The World


Our ability to be effective depends on all sorts of skills, resources, knowledge and primarily on the people who are willing and able to share them.

Volunteers-2002Colin-RunSewing-School-Ethiopiacombinat-kids-14We work together with communities who have practical, sustainable ideas that can transform the lives of people living in some of the world’s poorest places.

We know each of our Partners personally. We believe these people operate with honesty and integrity and are therefore trustworthy.

“What Can I do?”

It’s a question we are often asked and one we love to hear! It arises from a genuine concern for those who live in poverty and who face unimaginable challenges in their daily lives.

At PovertySwap we believe local people and those who work with them hold the keys to a hopeful future. We offer you a simple opportunity to get involved at a level that interests you, but equally presents some sort of a challenge. From our lengthy experience, this motivational mix results in the realisation of many dreams and is life transforming.

One willing person really is the essential ingredient for “Making It Happen”.

Join with us on the adventure that is PovertySwap and help to exchange

“Beauty for Ashes; Joy for Mourning; Garments of Praise for Heavy Burdens”.


Most people have a treasure chest of skills, resources and knowledge that is largely untapped and limited in its use. PovertySwap wants to help you make the most of those to bring transformation and hope to some of the poorest people in the world. It’s not a difficult thing but it does present a challenge. Take a first step by sending for our Volunteer Information today. Contact Us


Some people are naturals at fundraising. They can stir up a cake and candy stall or do a 10k run just for the fun of it. They have a gift of putting Fun at the heart of their FUNdraising efforts. And they can get other people to join in! Amazing people. Such skills, resources and knowledge can result in incredible, sustainable changes in the lives of people currently suffering poverty. Small seeds grow great trees in the right hands – Fundraising literally saves lives. Contact Us with ideas


Your donation to PovertySwap is matched with our “Integrity Promise”. This states the following:

  • You have the right to choose how you want the donation to be used
  • 100% of your donation will be sent to our Partners for the agreed purpose

Donations may be Gift Aided and can also be arranged by Standing Order.

Donate today online or Contact Us for more details


The PovertySwap Story The amazing story of many sharing together to make dreams happen can be presented to your group, church or organisation. It’s an exciting and at times overwhelming adventure that makes an interesting and enjoyable presentation. We are happy to share it with you at no cost. Contact Us for details.