PovertySwap as a Social Enterprise

PovertySwap was registered as a Charity limited by Guarantee in September 2010 under the name PovertySwap Limited.

Registration with the Charities Commission is not permissible before there is evidence of a certain income. We do not yet reach that threshold, although present
interest suggests we may well do that within a year or two.

We are, however, registered with the HMRC (tax office) as a Charitable Company and as such are entitled to claim Gift Aid on donated income and gain the tax benefits associated with charitable giving.

Excerpt from Memorandum and Articles of Association of PovertySwap Limited

Article 4: Objects

  • To support charity workers, Christian missionaries and community development workers in their work with the relief of poverty, advancement of religion or community development and education.
  • To co-ordinate the supply and distribution of volunteers, skills, resources and knowledge to benefit the above
  • To create networks and foundations for sustainable, practical solutions amongst the world’s poorest communities.