The Long Walk Home for Nepal

Little Sisters

I frequently define poverty with this question: “What happens when tragedy strikes?” For children in Nepal who become orphaned through the death of one or more parents the remaining family often finds it impossible to support another child.  Sometimes such children find themselves rejected by new step parents and life becomes unbearable.  There is a high incidence of streetkids in Kathmandu with this story. Often children are sent away and the new dwelling place may or may not be as friendly as they hoped for.  Without links to family, villages, culture and roots the vulnerable children from the high Himalayan regions are children at risk.  For these little sisters that I photographed in the village where I stayed for some days in 2008 life is not that way, they have a local school, family and friends around them.  But for others life can be almost unbearable.  

This summer we are launching The Long Walk Home Project to try and make childrens’ dreams happen.    Our friends, who have been involved for some years with the children in Katmandhu, are planning to take them on a very special trip home to their villages during school holidays.  While they were put into the care of a trusted childrens’ home in the city, for the benefit of their education and wellbeing by caring relatives, the logicstics of the mountain regions mean many have not seen their family or villages for more than six years.  That is a whole lifetime for a small child.  

Long Walk Home bridge

Where Crows Dare Not Fly!

As our imaginary crow flies the children’s homebound journey is roughly

Stage 1: 12 to 14 hours by bus  

Stage 2:  Flight To altitude 8000 feet (or 1 day by bus and 4 days walk)

Stage 3: 3 to 5 days walking  to altitude 13,000 feet/4000 metres   

It is estimated the entire journey will take around 4 weeks and will take place as soon as possible.   The organisers have already tested the route and agree its viability. The money raised through “The Long Walk Home” will be used specifically for the children’s travel, accommodation, food and clothing needs en route.

You’ll Never Walk Alone!

Long Walk Home.4

We’ve come up with a simple, effective fundraising idea to get people thinking about our vulnerable children in Nepal.

Would you, your friends, family, school or work group take part in our Long Walk Home project?  We are asking people to show their support for the children in Nepal by taking part in a simple sponsored walk.  This can be done on any day of your choice during July to September 2013.  You can walk with a group, a friend or alone.  You can walk home or to some other destination of your choice.  There is no minimum distance and the route is entirely your choice.  So it could be part of your regular walk with friends, or a special event that you want to take part in.  You don’t have to walk either, running is fine, for those that prefer that, swimming and dogwalking have also been suggested!   We simply ask that you remember these children on their massive trek home to the High Himalaya Regions and walk for them.

Getting Started

We are happy to supply you with sponsorship forms or you will be able to set up a fundraising page on BT MyDonate.  Just let us know what you are planning.