Hands Up For Camp This Summer!


During summer our Family Worker in Romania is usually busy with children’s daycamps.  These camps provide an excellent opportunity for quality time with many of the 150 gypsy children who live in the local area and who attend our co-workers regular children’s groups.  They are added value opportunities for out of school learning, development of social behaviour and relationships,  and often an oasis of love, faith and healing for families in their tough  community. 

food glorious food camp 2013Our co-workers, in partnership with other organisations, have pioneered these children’s camps over 20 years and have a fine camp facility filled with the fresh mountain forest air and lots of space for creative and safe play.

A whole generation of children have benefited from these days and they have been key to the moral and social development of children into adulthood.  It is testimony to their faithfulness that there is now a large and growing church within the community, populated in part by adults whose children benefit from the camp.  Some parents offer help on camp days and benefit themselves from the time spent in that environment with their children.  

Hands Up for Camp 2013It is all good news!  But there is a shadow clouding the excitement this year.  The Day Camp season has already started and a couple of groups of children have eagerly enjoyed the activities, stories and food on offer.  Our Family Worker prepares everything and enlists the help of available friends to help out.  

As best they have been able everything is ready for the camps…..except materials and food.  Without those vital ingredients the Camp days will not be able to continue and we feel that will be an enormous gap in the lives of this year’s children.  

So we have come to ask if you can help us raise a fund for the Gypsy Children’s Camp Days so that they will be equipped for the whole summer.  

Little Kids daycamp 2013

All of your donation will be sent immediately to our co-workers and the money used for Food, Materials and Transport for the children.

Thank You So Much.

You can donate online through our website Donate button.


Enjoy a lovely summer and Hands Up For Camp!