Relational Partnership

We aim to be a “hands on” organisation with as many hands as its possible to find.

For that reason we have established our Code of Integrity so that everyone who volunteers, donates and partners with us knows what to expect.

We want to know our Partners personally, keep good communication with them, foster accountability and grow in relationship with them.

We guarantee to deliver 100% of all donations to our Partners, meeting the admin cost ourselves.

Donors have the right to choose the exact project they want their money to go to if they wish.

In a mountain village in Nepal the community dreamed of adding another classroom to their school. I am no building site worker – I can be a bit of a high heels girl! But when we arrived in the village a few years ago there were 6000 bricks, several tons of cement and barrowloads of rubble waiting to be moved by hand. We stood in line with the men, women and children of that village, passing each brick hand to hand up onto the second floor – to get that job done! We were dirty and we ached at the end of every day…but the beaming smiles on the faces of our fellow workers and friends, and the warmth of relationships cemented into the brickwork is immeasurable. Children from that village will now continue their education without leaving home. Several dreams came true in that week!

Such an image is deeply rooted in the work of PovertySwap. We want to stand shoulder to shoulder with those who most desperately need it.

Join us in “Making It Happen”. Thank You.