It Never Rains But It Pours


“Albania.  The only country in the world officially declared to be fully atheistic.  No place for God, his children, the Church or the Bible.”  So writes Brother Andrew of Open Doors in the Foreword of Richard Welch’ fascinating book “Invisible Servant”. 

That is why there is so much joy in publishing this picture, showing as it does the same Albania during Easter 2012.  Albanian people gathered to celebrate the Easter good news in a public square.  Uniquely, Albanian Pastors  worked together to launch another new community church initiative with good news of the same God for whom their predecessors found no place. 

The weekend started with an unusual symbolic and very practical service for the community.  People were invited to donate blood to the blood bank on Good Friday, in memory of Jesus who shed blood on the Cross.  Despite the atrocious weather, a number of people took part in this well organised event. 


There were heavy clouds over the site during the entire weekend and organisers of the outdoor event on Easter Sunday were extremely worried that the torrential rain would mean everything would be quite literally a washout!  “No-one was on the streets” they wrote “the bars were full of smoking, drinking people”  All seemed lost. 

The organisers, our Partners in Albania, continue the story:We all testified the miracle of God the father. Our meeting was plan to start at 7:00 pm and the rain stop at 6:30 pm  and rained again 8:30 pm immediately the rain stop we started to worship , and immediately this boulevard was filled with children young and adult people and came near to our platform. our sound system was 18,000 W and everything was done excellence. The light and darkness over Tirane was split on our platform. Tirana was covered by huge clouds of Darkness and rain and in Airfield Zone was full with light.  Our faces were changed from shame and hopeless to Glory huge joy of Glory and manifested presence of God in us and also in the nature.  He covered us with his honor and glory.  He gave a great wonder and sign to this airfield zone how much he cares for us and them.”  

Following this event a new church was established locally.


Rainbows through the Rain at an outdoor Easter celebration in Albania

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