Children In Romania 2012


Hopelessness is the enemy of every human being. In Romania our Partners often feel they are looking into the face of complete hopelessness.  Depression and fear are constant companions seeking to drain people of life itself.  One depressed, hopeless, fearful child is a tragedy.  100 families facing a hopeless today and fearful tomorrow is a disaster.  At PovertySwap we are convinced that there are simple, practical solutions that really can bring out the sunshine in the lives of some of the world’s poorest, most deprived families for the long term.  But we need you to join us in a simple, inexpensive answer that will create real change in the life of this local community.  

Through “Romania 2012” we are planning to place a qualified and gifted Family Worker at the heart of the community.  Already working with more than 100 children and their families at regular meetings in the local church our Partner is perfectly placed in the community to provide life-saving social care, family support and health and hygiene education.  The Romanian Government recently built a new school in the community but our Partners recognise that the children need after-school tuition and help with homework that will help them to improve at school and improve their access in life to better opportunities. They are willing to persevere and make the journey of life for this community a less isolating one, one that grows opportunity – they need our help!  

Joy_for_Romanian_ChildrenWe need only 15 more people who will commit to donate £10 every month specifically for the part-time salary of the Family Worker.  100% of this £10 will be transferred directly to our Partners every month.  If you are a UK Tax Payer we can also claim Gift Aid and the amount collected will also be used for the work. 

To receive our Romania 2012 leaflet with Standing Order form please contact us today.  Very Many Thanks.  Without you it just won’t happen! 

In Autumn 2012 we are planning a Group Visit/Team Trip to this project.  You may want to join us.  Contact Us.