Gifts of Compassion


The virus known globally as HIV/AIDS continues to leave the most vulnerable in society at the most risk.

Ethiopian-boyTiny-babyGirl-with-BabyIn Kenya families of children live alone, without parents, without means of support.

A minister who is faced with the awful reality of this situation on a daily basis told us that his greatest dream was to be able to buy one goat. One goat he explained would be the means by which a family of lone children could begin to provide a sustainable solution for their future. The produce from one goat would enable a child to return to school. Education for African families opens doors and holds keys not only for survival but for a brighter future.

  • Working together with Partners in the UK who learned not only of these children’s desperate situation but their innovative, creative abilities in dealing with their daily lives, several families have been able to receive goats that make a life or death difference every single day!

In Ukraine 440,000 people have HIV and it is considered one of the most severe HIV/AIDS epidemics in Europe.

People often quote the saying “The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing”. Certainly the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Europe could bear witness to that. While the epidemic is ferocious amongst those who practice unprotected sex and drug users sharing needles, all of society has a common responsibility to take their part in stemming its river of destruction

  • Working as part of a multi-agency movement together with Partners across the world communities and organisations are successfully finding solutions through education, rehabilitation and community integration. Believing that “The potential of the country is its people” our Partners offer renewed sense of hope, friendship and community and opportunities for transformed lives.

In Ethiopia the incidence of HIV/AIDS is lower than other African nations.

Such a statistic is little comfort to those widows and orphans bereft of the male members of their family and support networks who have succumbed to the virus. Neither is it happy news for those newborn babies who have already contracted the virus in the womb or from mother’s milk.

  • Our partners in Ethiopia are dedicated to working together with young mums and their babies to provide health education, befriending and mentoring, business opportunities and networks for sustainable futures. Tiny babies are often born into a home in mourning with little joy at their coming. Working together with them our Partners are seeing families transformed and those same people begin to reach others who need similar transformation in their situations.