We Cannot Ignore This



On Thursday 18 October it was 

International Anti-Slavery Day.



27 million people live as slaves to other human beings. Just ONE is too many!



At PovertySwap we agree it is all overwhelming.  However being overwhelming does NOT permit us to ignore it and go on our way discussing how awful it is and moving to the next important thought on our agenda. 


It  the beginning of autumn school break across the UK. Many families will get onto boats, trains and planes for holidays and funtimes.Eyes   In Nigeria, of thirty young, excited girls arriving to board ship with the promise of jobs and opportunities in Europe, then forced to travel in a sealed container in the ship’s hold, only 5 arrived alive at their destination.  They were then brutally forced into sex slavery.

As I write, local children are arriving for a birthday party nearby. Hair is beautifully arranged,
gifts brightly wrapped, anticipation and sparkling faces and happy chatter. As I write, around 40,000 children in Uganda are known to have been abducted and forced into a life of mass murder and a living nightmare.


“We have seen that the slavery traps are set as carefully by those working in the very lucrative trafficking industry as those of poachers determined to catch a wild, beautiful and unsuspecting  animal.  We realise that vulnerability to those traps is rooted in an inequality of opportunity presented by the global picture. At basic level, eager to see their children live out a better life than they have had, loving parents and caring communities will even raise the demanded fares for a girl to go off and find a better opportunity for education or employment in unknown lands. Their lives beyond that point are worse than any horror film.  This is evil and is something we can’t just ignore. I think it is our responsibility to at least sound an alarm!  Although we feel overwhelmed, we CAN do something, and TOGETHER we can do a lot more”
Helen Faulds, Director of PovertySwap

On Anti-Slavery Day 2012 PovertySwap declares we will:

1. Refuse to ignore the fact that girls and boys are abducted and used as slaves

2. Work together with those who are best placed to    Educate, Rescue and Rehabilitate victims and perpetrators.

3. Promote consciousness raising and education amongst those most at risk.



What will you DO?
If you need ideas all of our Partners are working with children and young people at risk of slavery.   Do something for them!  We are working together with each one for a better, sustainable future in the heart of their families and communities.  We can help them to develop their lives in safe, trustworthy environments. 

Meet the young women who have just graduated from a work and training programme run by our Partners in Ethiopia.  They face a safer future.



The future can be safer too for Roma gypsies in Romania and Albania, orphans in India and Nepal.  Women leaving prison in Albania. Vulnerable women and street children in the cities of Ethiopia. Even in Ukraine, where one in ten people know someone who has been trafficked. 

Help us….help them.  Contact Us today. 

A21 Campaign www.thea21campaign.org,Undaunted by Christine Caine,The Hole in our Gospel by Richard Stearns (World Vision).