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Our first involvement with a Team Trip happened quite spontaneously in1990 as a natural response to media coverage of what lay behind the walls of Romania’s post communist orphanages.

Team-Trip-TransportGetting-Stuck-InA group of young men from our church heard of others who filled convoys of trucks and vehicles with useful goods and drove them out to the hands of those in need in Romania. Within a few weeks we found ourselves raising funds, filling trucks, leaving families and navigating the highways and byways of Europe and its complex border system with around 20 willing volunteers. It was a journey that was about to change our lives, and certainly one that stimulated relationships that still provoke feelings of joy, love and family bonds with those across those previously unknown borders.

Some of the items we delivered were indeed useful, but invariably it was the fact that WE came, personally, that seemed to encourage the hearts of people. We believe there can be immeasurable value in such trips, and while those who go out leave a deposit of love, compassion and encouragement – as well as any practical help that is requested – it is invariably the story that those who receive such visits leave an unforgettable legacy in our hearts and lives for not only us, but for the generations that come after us.

Such steps into Relational Partnership are the very practical work of peacemakers.

Two decades have passed since those first uncertain steps and from the lessons learned on our many journeys, including Team Trips to Ukraine, Albania, India, Nepal, several European communities and cities within the UK we are happy to give friends of PovertySwap the opportunity to take their own steps into the world that a short-term Team Trip can reveal.

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If, after browsing our website, you may be interested in knowing more about Team Trips we shall be happy for you to Contact Us and we can talk about what we have available and how you might fit in. Equally if we are not involved in the places that interest you then we can suggest some groups offering opportunities too.

There is no shortage of opportunity…but there is a shortage of ready volunteers…Make a Step Today – Contact Us.

For those already organising their own Team Trip we are privileged to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in your inspiring work. Read more about our Training for Team Trips. We would love to help.