Having a Scottish heritage and growing up in the knowledge of radical society transforming church movements, like the Scottish Covenanters, the Scottish Education system and 19th Century explorers and missionaries like Lanarkshire born David Livingstone it is no great surprise that we, as Directors of PovertySwap, have strong convictions that the Christian church and those who are its members are key players in the transformation of society even in the 21st Century!

India-ChurchVineyard-ChurchChurch-SchoolHistory may encourage us, but it is those heroes of faith at the front lines today who draw our attention. Whether they meet in great ecclesiastical buildings built by their forefathers, in sports halls or schools, in living rooms or student rooms, in Europe or Asia, in Africa or the Arctic, in temperatures dropping below minus 50 or those that soar in scorching heat, churches of this century thrive with life and hope, they overflow with vision and purpose and they are set on a collision course with their destiny: To bring transformational life, through the message of the gospel in words and action, to the community in which they are planted…and beyond.

At PovertySwap we believe in life transforming purpose and that each person should have an equal opportunity to achieve their God-given potential. Our Church partners, currently in Albania, Ethiopia and India echo that belief and are actively working with local communities to achieve just those aims.

As a local house for local people churches are meeting very practical needs on many levels:

  • Food, Housing and Health Care
  • Friendship, Networks and Social Care
  • Education and After School Clubs
  • Spiritual development and learning

Our Church partners are committed to working with local people and appropriate supportive organisations to afford people inclusive and equal opportunities for growth and development.