Camping in Romania – Let’s Go


During the summer months a number of Day Camps and Children’s Trips were held at our Partners Camp facility in the beautiful mountains of Western Romania.  Children benefited from the fresh air, good food, funtime and games, bible learning and relationships with our Partners, their Camp leaders and volunteers who make these essential days reality.  Children whose limited situation gives them little opportunity to play and interact with other children benefit from this work beyond measure really.  Memories are long lasting from experiences like these and many adults have stories of how their time at camp one summer during childhood changed the course of their life forever!  Children become stronger, more confident, cope better in social situations and return to their homes, schools and even work in some cases on quite a different footing from they had before.  Many many apply to attend these camps which are often provided free and our Partners eagerly welcome all that they can. 

Unfortunately and devastatingly this summer there were children who had to be turned away due to a total lack of resources.  This caused as much pain for our Partners who were the ones who had to tell the children directly that it would not be possible for them to attend and saw their distress.  Sore disappointment often creates resolve and when we read of this we also grieved with them.  But more than that, we determined to see for ourselves how things are there in the broken hearted homes of Romania’s most vulnerable children and work in a more effective way with them to make their visions happen.  It’s what we exist for and it’s primarily what we need to do. 

To this end tomorrow, 13 Sept, we will board a plane for Budapest, Hungary and travel over to Romania this weekend for a little over a week.  We hope to “walk in the shoes” of those who live and work there, share their stories, weep their tears and laugh their laughter.  When we get home, on 22 September, we hope we shall be wiser, better equipped to serve and burning with a fresh passion to make what has been impossible out of reach no longer. 

To do that we will need all the help you can give us!   We still firmly believe it is a simple thing to help someone.  We have seen the friends of PovertySwap literally move mountains to help our Partners in a number of countries.  Often your efforts actually save lives!   They are certainly making the dreams of desperate communities happen.  Pray for us over these next 2 weeks please. And pray too for how you can get involved and impact these communities.  Let’s show them we really do care.