Albania: Tears of Joy and Gratitude

Family with food Christmas 2013

“One woman expressed with tears in her eyes her gratitude saying: When you have been speaking about God during all this past time, I was asking myself ‘Where they have seen God that they are preaching to us? But today my eyes were open to see God through you and all the other people that bless us”.   We want to thank you very much for everyone who made it possible that this project touched the lives of many families where our church has been working for many years.” 

“A widow opening the door for us as we approached with the gifts of groceries at Christmas exclaimed: “Welcome sons, Thank you for filling this day with joy!”  In all the families where our group of volunteers delivered food packages we continually heard their thankfulness to God!  This project had a great impact in our poor community.  We really appreciate everything you have done for us.”

These are just two of the many wonderful reports we received from our co-workers in Albania who this Christmas, with the help of our “Unheard Children Christmas Appeal”, spent every day of the Christmas and New Year period distributing gifts and food packages to families in extreme poverty and need.  Working together with local church volunteers in the city, villages and rural areas every day was filled with the business of bringing hope, care and God’s love in practical ways through Food Banks, Celebration Events and Home Visits.  Around 2500 families received packages.  Roma children, Widows and Orphans, Sick children, Newborn and Abandoned babies, Families with disabled children, Abandandoned and sick elderly, Victims and those at risk in blood feud, Rural poor and urban poor, Homeless people and families.  The most at risk and the most forgotten were reminded that they are not without hope, as long as there is God, who is Love.