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Tuesday, 07 May 2013 14:29

They Answered That They Were Praying For Me

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Queue for Kids Club RomaniaWhen our Family Worker amongst the gypsy community in the beautiful Romanian mountains became very ill a month ago and had to be admitted to hospital many were praying for her recovery and wellbeing.  

As late winter turned to spring and blossom appeared on the trees beyond her hospital ward she worried that she had been away from her post with the children longer than she would like.  Even though she was desperately ill she began her lesson plans and creative ideas for the growing number of children who attend the groups and camp.


IRoadside Kids Club Romanian time for the Orthodox celebration of Easter she felt strength return to her, in a measure, and her main desire was to see her "Black Diamonds" a term she uses to describe the depth and shine in the eyes of the children as they take part in the lessons.  

The whole family and some friends made their way to the camp and found so many children had turned out for the reunion.  There was a long queue of children and some parents and older siblings, to get into the building which itself is under renovation.

Irenke told us:  " I was asking them why they were coming so many today and they replied, that they missed me after not meeting them for a month, in time of my illness. They wanted to meet me and saying that were praying for me and wanted me back...so moving and lovely".

We think such an answer is a clear sign of fruitfulness from the hard hours of work our Partners invest in this community.  Our pictures show the children queueing to attend but also sitting by the roadside in the shade of a tree for their lesson.  We want to help them develop this work so that future generations of the same families will be passing on the life transforming lessons to one another.  Join with us today.

Our campaign to find 20 regular donors has been popular and clearly is bearing great fruit.  Help us to help them expand and in these days of cutbacks and austerity to Enlarge the place of their work (Isaiah 54:2) and strengthen their stakes.  Contact Us.  

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Helen Faulds

Helen is an experienced Manager and committed Christian worker. She graduated with a degree in Community Development and Learning from the University of Glasgow, Scotland in 2009. Married to Ian for more than 30 years, mother of three remarkable young men and a delighted grandma she has worked with missions and community projects throughout the UK, Europe, in India, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Nepal and central Asia for over quarter of a century!

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